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  • To all our Indecision 2016 Customers,

    First, thank you for purchasing an Indecision 2016 Coin or Coins! What started out as a marketing move has turned into a successful sales item with several thousand sold. Long Stanton has been around for over 150 years and we haven’t thrived for this long by sitting on our laurels. This note is to inform you that we have opened our own direct sales page to replace the Amazon page we had been using. By doing so we avoid Amazon and its fees, allowing us to reduce our prices and add more price breaks for our customers. By clicking on the BUY NOW button you can buy coins at reduced prices but with the same quality and delivery as before. While we may add amazon back at a later date, I’m sure you’ll “flip” over the chance to buy more coins at lower prices. Thanks again and be sure to vote, for someone, come November.

    Marvin Cunningham, President

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Interested in buying your own Trump vs. Clinton Indecision 2016 coin?

• Made in America
• Solid Brass 39mm (Silver Dollar Size)
• Shipping via USPS Included in price!
• Both Candidates on One Coin
• Amazing Golf Ball Marker
• Fun Gift & Great Conversation Starter